Legal Stuff

Payment and/or Refund Policy
We are a small hobby business that treats folks the way we want to do be treated. I would like to still do business the way my
Dad did, on a mans word and his hand shake. I have been taken advantage of in the past so now we have the following policies.
Please do not find offence in them they are base upon my business experiences.

Deposits on Puppies
When selecting a planned breeding your are placed in a "picking order" based upon time and date that you deposit was received by us. At the time of your pick, if what you want is not available from that litter you may choose to transfer to the another litter.  We require a $50 US deposit that NOT refundable. Refunds for health/gentic reason are issued after the next litter has been released to their new owners. I reserve the right of "Pick of Litter" in every litter for myself or designated person. I also reserve the right  if I choose for any reason not to sell a puppy to you.  Your fee is not a binding contract to perform on us.

We are now excepting  "$50 non-refundable fee" to go on our puppy waiting list. The $50 does applies to the purchase price.

AKC Paper Work
All puppies are registered with the AKC and the registry will be mailed directly to you by the AKC.

Purchase Contract & Final Payment

All puppies are sold with a warranty as spelled out our purchase contract. NO puppy leaves until payment is received in full and I
have received a signed copy of the purchase agreement.  The balance due is to be paid in full at the time the puppy goes home.
The puppy sale is governed by the laws of the State of Minnesota. Please review a copy of the Purchase Contract here in below.
This is a legally binding contract in all 50 states. You may wish to have an attorney review it before you sign and agree. It is not

This agreement is between Michael Pinkosky, Jr. (hereinafter “Seller”), and the Buyer whose name and address appear herein
below (hereinafter “Buyer”). For and in consideration of the sum of $1750.00, Seller grants, bargains, sells and conveys unto
Buyer the following animal:

Breed:         Brittany







Buyer agrees as follows:

  1. This above-describe animal shall be a houses as a hold pet and NOT confined to a outdoor kennel as its primary living
    area but rather be keep safe and warm with in buyers home as you would a human child.
  2. The above-described animal shall not be used or donated for the purpose of use for medical, veterinary or scientific
    research, experimentation or field-testing, without the express written consent of Seller.
  3. Buyer will not sell the above-described animal to any other person or company nor will the Buyer abandon or deliver to a
    pound, animal shelter or like rescue organization, the above-described animal for any purpose, rather the Buyer will
    surrender this animal to the Seller at no expense to the Seller.
  4. Buyer will not use or sell the above-described animal to a puppy farm or puppy mill, as that term is commonly defined or
    described by the American Kennel Club.  Buyer further agrees Buyer will not knowingly permit or allow the above-
    described animal to breed or be bred indiscriminately or in a manner not in conformance with American Kennel Club
    recognized breed standards, rules and regulations concerning health, production and practices.
  5. In the event Buyer breaches any of the foregoing covenants and it becomes necessary to institute legal proceedings to
    effect enforcement of this Agreement, Buyer shall pay all expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in
    connection with such legal proceedings. The Buyer additionally agrees to be liable to damages of $50,000.00 US for
    each breach of contract above and herein.

Seller agrees as follows:

  1. Seller guarantees the full health of the above-described animal for a period of sixty days from date of deliver of said
    animal by seller to Buyer.
  2. Seller guarantees the above-described animal to be free of genetic disorder.
  3. Seller guarantees the natural hunting ability of the above-described animal as measured by the AKC in the Junior Hunt
    Test for Pointer and is suitable as a hunting companion animal.
  4. In the event Seller breaches any of the foregoing guarantees, Seller’s liability is limited to the replacement of the above-
    described animal by a replacement puppy of Seller’s choice or original purchase amount as cash flow permit and only by “Seller’s Choice”.