Have the puppies had their shots and been wormed?

All the puppies have been to the vet and had their first set of shots and have been wormed for the first time as required by MN law. It is your responsibility to get the puppy to your vet and on a "stay healthy" program. Puppies will require additional shots and worming at your expense.

How much do you require for a deposit?

We ask for a $50 non-refundable fee to go on our waiting list. If we are unable to provide you with a puppy, you may choose to roll-over to the next litter. 

Are these puppies AKC registered?

All puppies are registered with the AKC before they leave our home. 

How do you determine the puppy I receive?

You have the right to pick your own puppy in the order you’re on the wait list. I will assist if you request my help. If you are from out of town and unable to pick, then I will pick for you in order based upon your requirements as determined by our interview.

I see Brittanys in the paper for sale at $150-$300.
Why so much for yours?

The Current price, $1750/000 US for a puppy is the same regardless of the sex. Shipping and handling is extra. Total cost of ownership starts with the purchase. I invest in proven bloodlines, prove the lines I own, and offer training. The old saying applies, "They know what their dogs are worth".

What is better, Female or Male?

Puppies are like people, they all have a different personality. Chose based upon the personality
you want, not the sex. Sex is important to field trial folks who want a dog as part of a breeding
program. In some cases, where there are small children under eight, pick the same sex as the
children. If you are a HARD CORE hunter, a male offers more muscle and endurance in the field.